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Pymetrics’ website hosts games that will assess your innate qualities like attentiveness and motivation and tell what career suits you better. When you play a few games for about half an hour on Pymetrics’ website, the company’s algorithm will assess your characteristics and send your profile to potential employers. Pymetrics boasts about 80,000 registered job candidates and a rising list of organizations, which include Fidelity and Egon Zehnder. “Neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of the brain, We apply this to helping people find their optimal career path, and help companies find ideal candidates.” Explains the company’s website. Pymetrics measures neither your IQ nor your knowledge of any subject matter, but rather assesses fifty key cognitive and emotional traits. Different professions require different personal qualities and that’s what their software evaluates. images After you play all the games, sophisticated data-science algorithms analyze your performance and create your cognitive and emotional profile—and your career profile as well. Pymetrics identifies what you are naturally best at, and matches it up with the career that requires it. The one you can fall in love with, in theory. A simple game that evaluates the attentiveness: If a green circle pops up on the screen, clap your hands and if a red one pops, don’t clap. In another game, you have to read faces – look at a photograph and tell what the person is feeling based on their facial expression. This is an important for human resources executives. So no more hassles of filling forms and questionnaires to find a job!!   Site:

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