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Windows Vista Add Favorite Folder You have folders you access most frequently? Won’t it be easy to access your “Favorite Folder” from any other folder? Step 1: Create shortcut of the folder you access every time – “Favorite Folder”. Right click on the “Favorite Folder” > Create shortcut favFolder1 Step 2: On your Windows Vista system open “My Document” or any other folder Step 3: Make sure “Navigation Panel” is active [On current folder > Organize > Layout > Navigation Panel ] ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box Step 4: You will see “Favorite Links” text favFolder4 Step 5: Right click on “Favorite Links” tab, click on open favorite link folder favFolder5 Step 6: Now copy the shortcut folder you created on step 1 favFolder6 Step 7: Past the shortcut folder in “Favorite link folder” [Step 5] Now whenever you open any folder you will see your “Favorite Folder” on the left navigation favFolderFinal Play around – Pimp Your Fav Folder favFolderPimp Any luck? favFolder-base

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