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Frameworks are an important tool, and as useful as they are to web designers some view them as a bit limiting with respect to their creativity. It takes more than creativity to maneuver around the frameworks and come up with something that is outstanding and pleasing to the eyes. However, with the many frameworks that have been developed web designers cannot resist the urge to look for one that suite their style of designing and working. I have selected some of the top web design frameworks, take a few minutes, and have a look at them, you will not miss one that will capture your attention. Listed below are some great CSS frameworks.

I. Content with style CSS Framework

If you want a framework that offers numerous layouts then you have to go with the “content with style CSS Framework.” It has a provision for more than half a dozen layouts, all at your disposal. The kind of navigation that it has to offer is vertical having columns that have one content, one content column with horizontal navigation, two column contents with vertical navigation, local navigation with one content column having a horizontal navigation. The source code accompanying it is organized in a logical order having the main content coming after the header with the code. It has quite a smooth flow. You will like it. Layouts

  • Vertical navigation with one content column
  • Vertical navigation with two columns of content
  • Horizontal navigation with one content column
  • Horizontal navigation with 2 columns of content
  • Horizontal navigation with local navigation and one column of content
  • Horizontal navigation with local navigation and 2 columns of content
Common Elements
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Main content
  • Sub content
  • Main nav
  • Local nav
  1. Header
  2. Main content
  3. Sub content
  4. Local nav
  5. Main nav
  6. Footer
Read more on their website

II. Emastic

This is one of the most lightweight CSS frameworks out there. The facts that its lightweight allows you to customize play around with the dimensions of the page meaning you can adjust the width using percentages, ems or pixels. One great thing about this framework is that it has a tutorial that comes along with it allowing you to use it flawlessly. You can work with it in a fluid or fixed layout and contains many styles to select from. Read more on Google Code

III. BlueTrip

In case you do not like working with something that you have not seen previously at work or applied somewhere, then this is the right framework for you, its documentation comes along with a list of sites that it has been built using its framework. This framework is works on a 24-column grid; it has quite a number of styles to choose from, including print style sheets, an empty starter style sheet, typographical style sheets and much more. You will be spoilt for choices. Features

  • 24-column grid
  • Sensible typography styles
  • Clean form styles
  • A print stylesheet
  • An empty starter stylesheet
  • Sexy buttons
  • Status message styles
Read more on their website

IV. 960 Grid system

if you have been a consistent CSS user then you will be familiar with the 960 grid framework since it is quite famous and it has birthed quite a number of other frameworks that have been a success web designing world. The first grid available is the 16-column grid having columns that are 40-pixels wide and the second one is the 12-column grid having columns that are 60 pixels wide. You can choose to use these grids simultaneously or separately and that is one of its advantages. This framework has made basic provision for typography but it mainly focuses on site layout. There quite a number of other frameworks out there that can suite your need, it all depends on your taste. This is one of the best frame work available and they have various plugins to enhance it check it out on their website.   Next article will cover CSS Responsive Frameworks

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