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You may have several databases on different computers or just one computer, they are of the same type (maybe they are all Elgg databases), and they may be for different purposes (maybe one is for developing, one is production version). And sometimes you may want to synchronize these databases. Maybe you want to synchronize the database from the developing server into the production server. You can export the database from the developing server into a SQL file. Then you can import this file to the production server. This will work but I think using the sync feature of phpMyAdmin is a better solution. To use this feature, first you need to add the following line into, the configuration file of phpMyAdmin. (/Applications/MAMP/bin/phpMyAdmin/ [code][/code]$cfg[‘AllowArbitraryServer’] = true;[code][/code] This will allow you to connect to remote server. Or you can just synchronize between local databases. Continue reading on:

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