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[youtube] It seems that today’s tech-obsessed culture will do anything they can to avoid interacting face-to-face! So singer Elliott Yamin helped us adjust the classic Stevie Wonder love song “I Just Called To Say I Love You” and update it with a more modern twist. We hope it gets on Reddit! And and, etc. etc. LYRICS: Without Your Face, Your Warm Embrace, It’s felt as lonely, as a profile on MySpace Thank god for Skype And Our Cell Phones So we can talk, whether we’re together or alone I just Texted to say I love you I just tagged us both on our Facebooks I just tweeted, hashtag, I love you Retweet it, then like and share with all your friends. Let’s get off line And grab some food I’ll yelp the nearest place that has the best reviews This place sounds good UrbanSpoon Agrees And this Groupon gets us an appetizer for free I’ll check us in Grab us some chairs Oh look my friend’s already mayor on Foursquare —- Oh man these nachos look so good, I gotta share I just Texted to say I love you I just GooglePlus’d your Mom and Dad, (I circled em!) I just reblogged, that pic for my tumblr And posted it on my wordpress just to have. I just up-loaded our date, on YouTube And it already has 300 views, 300 views Let’s comment, like it, and favorite And dream that it makes the front page on Reddit and BuzzFeed, and HuffPo! Did you read all the way down this far?? Then write NACHOS!! in the comments below!! 🙂

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