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You might get this error “the parent theme is missing. Please install the [theme name] parent theme.” This happens when you have changed the name of your default folder. In order to get this working on your child them   Lets assume this is your folder structure wp-content – myTheme

— style.css

/*  Theme Name: myTheme2015  Theme URI: #  Author: Shovan Sargunam  Author URI:  Version: 4.2.1  Description:  */

– myThemeChild

— style.css

/*  Theme Name: myTheme2015 Child  Theme URI: #  Description: Child theme for the myTheme2015  Author:  Theme URI: #  Template: myTheme  Version: 4.2  */

  Template: myTheme should be folder name of  your parent theme. in this case myTheme and NOT myTheme2015 (which is theme name in style.css) this will get rid of the parent theme is missing. Please install the * parent theme error on wordpress.

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