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You can use the below jQuery snippet with google chrome to follow all users on certain twitter page or twitter list. Please note this script will follow all users who you are not following and will unfollow users you are following. (Once I have fix for this I will post it on our twitter & facebook page).For now this should help you.

  1. Open google chrome
  2. Go to twitter list of page where you can see list of users and follow button
  3. Right click and select “inspect element”
  4. Click on “Show Drawer” button on right hand side, beside the setting button in google chrome inspect element
  5. Past the below code

Please note it will unfollow users who you are already following [code] $(‘.not-following button.follow-button’).click() [/code]   Once I find a fix for how to not unfollow following users, I will post on our facebook page

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