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DSPO lets you take photos with a group of friends and your companions do not get to see those images until the camera timer expires, at which point you’ll get an alert that your images are ready. Till then, you can give clues to your buddies about what the pics show like where it was taken and its mood. The timer can be set from 1 hour to 365 days. The company is betting on its social features to attract new users, who can invite their friends to a camera using Facebook. “If you’re at a concert and the band tweets out a link to their camera for the show, everyone can contribute and you’ll get the event from all different angles. This works for weddings, festivals, camping trips. It’s the desire to want to be part of the camera that will get people to download,” says Mario Estrada, Hipstamatic’s vice president of special projects. It’s not just a social camera, DSPO boasts some cool features too. It has in-app messaging for each camera and filters. Hipstamatic is free for the iPhone and the drawing tools and more features can be unlocked with a one-time paid upgrade.

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