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Today I tried to setup Google Play – Merchant account and I get the following error “An error occurred {“type”:”PLATFORM_ERROR”, “payload”:”500″}”, I contacted google, The error showed up because, I previously have Google Checkout account linked to my email. Apparently Google Checkout and Android merchant account does not work together. Which means I need to setup new Android merchant account with new email. (Which is annoying!). Its all google service why  can it be properly integrated!! Note: This solution worked for Igor (See comments below) “I have resolved this issue today finally. After several more emails with Google support, solution was simple: you just have to leave VAT ID field empty during registration, and fill this info later. Do not delete Wallet account, because it will not help, and do not link other account because it didn’t help in my case.”

Email communication with Google So Far

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Date: 13 Nov Hi Shovan, As discussed, for you to be able to create an Android Merchant account, you would have to create a new Google Play Developer Console and follow the correct process to have it linked to an Android Merchant account. To do this, please follow the steps below: 1. Sign up for a Google Play Publisher account at 2. Before you can publish your software on Google Play, you must do three things: Create a developer profile Agree to the Developer Distribution Agreement Pay a registration fee ($25) with your credit card (using Google Wallet) 3. Accept the Google Play Terms and Conditions 4. Then complete the developer registration process by proceeding to Google Wallet to pay the $25 fee 5. Confirm the order and payment information, then click the Place order now 6. You will be receiving payment confirmation on screen and by email 7. Then return to the Google Play Developer Site to finish your registration To sell paid application, you must link a merchant account from within your Android developer console. You will then be brought to the new merchant account signup flow. Please be advised that a linked merchant account can’t be changed or swapped without paying the $25 registration fee again. For instructions on linking your Google Play Developer Console account with a merchant account, please refer to this link: Please respond to this email with the login email address for your new Google Play Developer Console account, as well as the Merchant ID for the merchant account linked to it so I can proceed with the next step and request for your old console to be closed to be able to request for the other $25 registration fee to be refunded. Should you have further questions or clarifications, please feel free to respond to this email as well. Regards, Gami The Google Checkout Team If you have additional questions, please visit our Help Center at If you received this communication by mistake, please don’t forward it to anyone else (it may contain confidential or privileged information), please erase all copies of it, including all attachments, and please let the sender know it went to the wrong person. Thanks. —- From: Me Date: 13th November Hi Are you going to refund payment for ? —- From: Google Checkout Merchant Support Date: 13th November Hi Shovan, Once you’ve created a new developer console, I’ll forward a request to one of our specialists to have your old console closed, to be able to include a refund request for the other $25 registration fee. Please let me know once you’ve successfully created the new developer console and have linked it to a merchant account. —— From: Me Date: 13th November Ok I have created new account and paid for it. Its active now. Email address attached to new account is —- From: Me Date: 13th November Has the refund processed ? ——- From: Google Checkout Merchant Support Date: 14th November Hi Shovan, Thanks for confirming. To ensure a faster resolution, I’ve forwarded your concern to the specialists on our Google Play Developer Support team. They’re the experts, and they’ll respond to you with additional information as soon as possible. —– From: Google Play Dev support Date: 15th November Hi Shovan, Thank you again for contacting Google Play developer support. Your Google Play Developer Console registration order, XXXXX.token.XXX, has been cancelled and will be refunded. You’ll receive a separate email from Google Wallet with further refund details. If you would like to confirm the cancellation of your order, please review details at Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Regards, Ed The Google Play Team — From Google Play Dev Support Date: 20th Nov Hi Shovan, Thank you again for contacting the Google Play developer support team. We really appreciate your patience while we’ve investigated the product behavior you described. We’ve recently made some changes that may have resolved the problem. If you’re still having trouble, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you further. Thanks again and please let us know if we can be of further help. Regards, Ben The Google Play Team

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