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If you want in install wordpress or any other dynamic website, having a database is required. This post will help you create MySQL database (db), username & password using cPanel. This can be used when you install any website that requires access to a database. [tube]Mmn3y9_VqN4[/tube]

  1. Log in to your cPanel account with your hosing username and password (E.g.:
  2. Select MySQL database from the database category
  3. Under create new database, enter database name:
    • New Database: database name
    • Click create database
    • Once completed, copy the database name in a safe place. E.g. host_dbname
    • Click back
  4. Under MySQL user add new user and enter password:
    • Add new user > Username: dbuser & Password: Kgg8?(D?5+^E (Use password generator to get stronger password)
    • Click on create user
    • Once completed copy the username and password in a safe place eg: host_dbuser & Kgg8?(D?5+^E
    • Click back
  5. Under add user to database select the new user and database you have created
    • User: host_dbuser & Database: host_dbname
    • Click on add button
    • Now click on ‘all privileges’ check box and click make changes button
    • Once confirmed, your database with username and password is created.
    • Click go back

Now you can use the db, username and password for any software that requires a database.

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