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cyberlink-power2go-1 Open power to go Select one of the options Data Disk / Music Disk / Video or Photo Disk / Copy Disk / Mixed Disk / Disk Utility Select what type of disk you have CD / DVD or Blue Ray cyberlink-power2go-2 On top frame, select tye file or folder you want to burn cyberlink-power2go-3 Drag them to the borrom fram And click on “Burn Now” button on bottom right cyberlink-power2go-4 Select Write Speed, Its better to go the the lower speed so the files dont get corrupted while burinin You can change the disk name etc from infomation tab Once you have please click “Burn” button cyberlink-power2go-5 Be patience, your file will start burning You can see the burn progress cyberlink-power2go-6 Any luck? Once the disk has sucessfully burned you will get an message box

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